User Experience Optimization - The Business Line

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shoemoney blog, today I was reading when I Sage, Lewis posted a video of his death was debating if the SEO.
I agree, SEO is dead. It is not quite dead, but is heading toward extinction as the human Google to grow and generate more data in the algorithm continues. However, SEOs to bloom because they (the user experience optimization) UEO good SEOs that are already in hand, and the practice of tricking the algorithm will continue to move.
User Experience Optimization - the business line
Specifically, the phrase SEO (search engine optimization) for a description of tweaking your website to search engine algorithms in order to take advantage of the known deficiencies in certain key conditions are for your rankings. SEO, if done properly works. However, continuous improvement has been noted several deficiencies in the search engine algorithm and modified so that only short-term effect of many SEO tweaks. I understand that the term SEO is often grown to cover more than this, but you are around to vote, you will find that most people's sense of the word.

Mission of the best search experience possible with the search engine companies want to feed them the information they provide by users. The search engines and their need for a user attempts to fully Port. With SEO, search engine and website owners we have a conflict in which our sites ranking in the wrong engine, "flowers" are made to fight.

What should we focus on (the user experience optimization) UEO, and make sure we have the best information to our website and browse the structure that is easy for them to provide our users with the desire. UEO, with more work in harmony with the search engine website owners, we both share the same goal of quality materials that are easily accessible.

UEO when you are on a website, do not worry about the search engine rankings. If you build quality sites that are user friendly, search engines love will follow. UEO mind when developing your sites much longer, more sustainable results led to the search engine rankings.


  1. Nice and Informative information. Really this is a good idea for business. You have described very clearly. Thanks for sharing.

  2. SEO brings you a higher Return On your Investment than any comparable form of marketing.


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