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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Thursday, June 30, 2011

When you stay with someone for a while and all of a sudden, one day they have a different haircut and trendy clothes are at home with a new set, it takes you by surprise. You realize that change for the better, but it is usually a moment of sudden double-take a bit for Mother scrubbed up rather nicely for your once in a nerdy friend. But our friend, and never - Google is a trusted partner to change her clothes, a trim, not to mention a bit.
Google Home Page Changes

Designer is on the heart, not to mention self-acknowledgment of Internet addiction, it was a pleasant surprise, Google on their page to see some design improvements. To the official blog about that, "We made it look and feel better," designer - it sounds like "Google Developing design and feel" of the notice.

We expect the number of changes have been made over the next few months, he said, and "A Home Makeover is a classic bit of our being."

. It is currently out of such changes has been presented on the homepage com, top level domain, but still looks like an old UK-based interface (written at the time) use [Ed. It seems that the TLDs are now using a new design] .. So let go in without a lot of detail, some further changes to take Joe Average.

First, there are clearly too long on top with dark gray bar changes, such as a hovering your search results to know - it - all wearing the remains back to you when you're using your computer, it will point to your spelling mistakes stifling. It is, however, old and new, it was the Mother of all Google sites for each of the continuous present, and that once that invasion does not feel honest.

Nice and easy to specify a hover effect on the current option is highlighted. No real change to the typeface on the front, Google has lead to stick with Arial, Sans-Serif and fall - off. The load times, presumably as a smaller font on stack bytes required savings.

The main area of ​​the hand, Google logo has been reduced in size, where the logo was once considerably larger, presumably, they realized that it is so large, and it is somewhat reduced.

The search bar is slightly darker on the inset to see more of the self in favor of the raised border, drop shadow effect is lost. Not only that, but the "Advanced Search" lost "Language Tools" navigation bar links to the right, up, hidden them in the top bar in favor of, cog icon under, presumably, is well enough recognized as a symbol for certain types of settings. That said, it was immediately clear where these items are not missed.

Buttons below the search bar has been "flat" and a slight reduction in size, although it is now taking the hover effect of the pride they feel somewhat responsible. I am wondering whether the "Google Search" button to enter instead of clicking the button mashing of the people of the importance of alcohol to feel pressure from Google? It is certainly lighter, less aggressive, text color, and the distance is less important than it looks in the search box.

Another major change is that on this page "advertising programs", "Business Solutions", "Google talk" and so forth, such as the "footer" links at the bottom of the exposures. Unfortunately, a strange "is a Google one day" feature has been replaced by. How long do your best to a particular feature of the past will now suggest things. Ideal for some of the ads (such as the Mother of the latest discovery on the question of Nike) has been selling the place, except I do not see the point.

Therefore, "the day Google" where does that fit in? [Ed: It also seems that the later has been removed]

Search results page, and there is a clear change here. To start the page has been left aligned. The left side where the old SERP hovered, but totally refused the touch, this new page in the left was comfortably arranged.

Presumably, is to try to focus on the actual results page, a link to the left of the bar, turning back to the color gray, terrakota title or highlight color, highlight the appropriate option in the top gray bar is small. There are links on the left hand hover in the main light gray background, and icons in the back of a gray color knocked. This is certainly a little more jump to the main search results page.

This search filter is well treated, and released all hover around the first down line in the left hand links.

Another obvious change is significant here is that the header search bar, Google logo, and the result of a number of areas containing the background color of the border are different from the main search results. This helps to distinguish the main page, and a nice light (in the interest of designers to # F5F5F5) Gray, the title terrakota (D14836 #) to join with the color works for me to do something about it.

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