What is a Google +1 explain? OR It is a Social Bookmarking tool?

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interestingly, the Google Code blog post last month, ING's own API docs valuable information to help programmers to remember 1. It does not get much coverage - this has not yet been placed on the +1 button and post a lot of sites are using Google's API was directed at Mother's in the code.

But our people do not code for an interesting question that has been talked about a lot of advantage on the web. +1 Button social bookmarking tool as a quick search reveals about sites; most people only see Facebook as a competitor, such as a button. However, I see Facebook as a product rather than closer to Delicious, and two on the research I've done, I'm very excited and hopeful that it will stick around +1 Google.

First off, the +1 button, users tag pages, not potential. Click on the button all the calculate button that appears next (if the counter button on the website) and +1 to save to your Google profile page. Add to this a negative aspect because it makes it difficult for the organization, but a plus because it saves time ... Tagging items for a few extra seconds, and many people just will not do something that involves effort. I see a small net benefit; page title is what I usually say I can be saved from.

Second, s 1 records you dofollow (ie search engines as they are links.) Delicious and other popular social bookmarking services to many of the links below. This is, in my view, the effect that the search will be +1; Google crawl your public profile page, and Google sites for a 1 s count as backlinks. Google Earth Plus 1 s on both standard and profiles of dofollow kickstart profiles. In addition, Google Plus dofollow on profiles, which means that expanding your network, your profile, which is a close link to the power of the S 1 bosts your backlinks to your profile adds a huge network of potential effects on search performance.

Google bookmark tool for people as the real challenge will be getting access to their profiles. Some Google code developers have already figured out that they can save things for future reference use the +1 button. In my view, the user interface can be changed so that it is more than just a list of people and organize things need to be able to do once they are saved. Google information for the Liberation of the export activity of a +1 I also added a section tab you want to see.


  1. April Toche Says:
  2. Thanks so much for this insightful blog. It sure clears up many questions about a topic that has always been a bit obscure and tricky for many to grasp fully.

  3. I'm new here. I am just learning how to do SEO, so i am so glad to have stumbled upon this forum.
    I use IMAutomator. It's free. I will try Social Marker and Onlywire. I tried to register for a Digg account and it said they weren't taking any new registrations. I thought that was odd.

  4. If the Google+1 is a social bookmarking tool, probably it lessen the burden on where to get social book sites. The faster you can get social bookmarking site, the more sales market you will get from the company. It is cool and easy.

  5. Thanks so much for this insightful blog. It sure clears up many questions about a topic


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