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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Friday, November 4, 2011

Would you like to be a successful SEO? Well, who does not, is not it?

After being in the SEO space for more than 10 years ago I had the privilege of thousands of them. And like any industry, only a small percentage of them are managed effectively.

So it hit me ... why some of these SEOs are good at what they do, some do not? And after I about it for a while, I realized that it came to these seven habits.

First Effective SEO practice

It is not difficult to become a SEO. You can read about it online, you can buy a few books, and in a few weeks you will have the lingo down. At this point you can probably go through a few pages and tell them what they are doing wrong, but at the end of the day means you're a good SEO?

If you want to be good at SEO, you have to practice it ... and not only on customer sites. Create your own websites, build your own links and track your rankings. How do you learn what you get for your website to better help other people with their SEO.

The search world is constantly changing and it is impossible to stay up to date by reading news from the industry. You have no other choice than to practice them than to give you a better understanding of how you need to customize your concept to a higher rank.

Second Effective SEOs take risks

You have up to the limits! If you knew how many times I've been banned or penalized by Google and Yahoo for pushing the envelope, you would be shocked.

Now I say no way that you are doing something unethical or break Google's guidelines, but what I'm saying is that you learn, have to be aggressive.

If you're aggressive with your sites, you will learn quickly, which helps to increase rankings and what not. For example, you already know that white hat link building increases rankings. But did you know that if you build links with a slow and steady pace, you can place someone who builds the same kind of links too fast?

If I'm not aggressive with my link building, I would have never learned to know that You are not afraid to push the envelope.

Third Effective SEOs build relationships

People knew me in the SEO space for the use of social media sites to create links. I was the first SEO really use sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious. I was so good at one point I had to get a 75% success rate on the Digg homepage ... and there was upward from a top-100-I users.

How do I do that? Well it was not because these social sites I knew better than anyone else, but I just networked my way to the top.

By building relationships with other users on these pages, I was able to learn the ins and outs. That's what helped me to succeed.

Whether you are trying to better themselves on page SEO or link building, you should never stop networking. The more relationships you build, the better you are. For example, I built a relationship with a blogger 2 years ago and now he is writing a guest more than 40 popular blogs. Because of our relationship that he left me on these blogs, if he sees fit, and I do not even have to condemn, to do him a penny of this. He just does it because we are friends now.

4th Effective SEOs are creative

SEO is not new. Everyone does it, and there is not much that a secret these days. But the people who tend to really good, those who are creative, as you have a big advantage.

Remember Mingle 2? The dating site, which was bought by just to say hi ...

The guy behind SEO, Matt Inman could Mingle 2 get to become a popular dating site, because he leveraged quiz. Users loved these tests so much that after taking them, they would integrate their guests on her blog.

Matt is also the guy behind oatmeal. This site has a ton of SEO juice, because Matt is creative when it comes to link building. Whether Quiz, comics or anything he can think what he prefers Matt to do with SEO creativity.

If you are creative, they're using. It gives you a head start, but you have to move fast as the competitors to your creative tactics caught sooner or later.

5th Effective SEOs are analytical

The ability to rank keywords is one thing, but if you do not know what to rank you have no luck. The last thing you want is to spend your efforts on ranking for a keyword, do not increase your revenue.

Of being good at keyword research to conversion tracking, and even optimizing landing pages, knows what is good SEOs are not just for traffic. It's about increasing revenue.

Do not focus 100% of your time on building traffic only. Learn more about Web Analytics and focus on maximizing revenue. And stop it ... Track all that you can follow what. Of your competitors' rankings to what they do, the more data, the better you will be in decision making.

6th Effective SEOs use multiple tactics

SEOs have a tendency, one thing that helps increase rankings in the search and that's all they use. Whether it changes to an on-site SEO that really helps to link design. Do not get caught with a tactical ... even if it works.

When I started, I was caught with the tactics of reciprocal linking. My rank and explodes after a year to do it crashed search engines caught on it and my rankings. Then I concentrated my efforts on the construction of all links from high PageRank pages. This worked well because my PageRank increased by 8 and my rankings went, but search engines caught on that.

To make the point that I try is that you do not rely on a tactic to achieve high rankings. You have to diversify, as SEO is a constant game of cat and mouse ... even if you use ethical tactics.

7th Effective SEOs never rely on SEO

I know this may sound strange, but effective SEO knows, that you can not just rely on SEO. For example, press the Panda update a few pages, although they had good content. Many of these sites increased from the Panda, but it shows that you simply do not trust on SEO.

If you try to increase your traffic should consider, please, try banner advertising, email marketing, pay-per-click ads, and everything you can imagine. This will help diversify the channels that are driving your income so if something happens to your organic search traffic, you are still able to survive.

SEO is great, but you need to learn other marketing skills. I even began as an SEO, but these days I get most of my traffic through busy business development.

If you already have to follow the seven habits I mentioned above, great ... you are an effective SEO.

But if not, do not worry, because it is not too late to start. Just do not be hard to focus on all these habits at once, as it is, in order to conquer all. Instead, they hit one after another, until you complete the list.

Do you know any other habits, to make the effective SEOs?


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  3. I think the compilation of all these 7 efficient methods would create the formule of success. What I find, however, the most essential, is the creativity factor.

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