7 True Effected Directory Submission Facts with Guarantee

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Directory submission is First, important and most effected part to improve site link-building. Most of search engine optimizer (SEO) persons doing this work as possible as soon with hung sites list, but they don’t know that they are doing mistake with this step.
directory submission tips and tricks

After my overall experience of directory submission method, I would like to share with you some secrets tips which will help you to succeed in your Directory submission campaign. So, as per my thought and to make search engine optimization (SEO) friendly link-building I am presents some methods.

There are lots of directory submission tips and tricks as following:

1. First of all try to check Directory Site Page Rank with Google toolbar.

2. Then check “what biography or profile of directory site is”.
-  When you enter on any directory submission site, first of all try to check that how old is it? And what is its history with visitors? And etc. 

3. After this two step, check that site has how many advertising sponsors?
- If you find more than one sponsors then abandon it from submission. Because this types of sites of directory submission are not valuable to search engines.

4. Now, Find Complete Relevant Category.
-  Always use complete noteworthy category with subcategory which is perfect related with your site.

5. After Every Five Directory Submission, change your site database. (Title, Description, Keywords and etc).
- You should have 3 to 5 titles. They will become the anchor text for your link. As an anchor text choose your most targeted keywords.

6. Do Not Accept reciprocal submission way.
-  Because Search Engines Does not consider it and take it as a relationship matter. So, Search engines is ignore your site to give you page rank value.

7. Ignore under construction site to submit
-  If your site pages are “under construction” then don’t waste your time to submit it, because it will be removable.

I think that this all step will be helpful to every seo person.

Best of Luck & Thanks,
Author: Ranjitsinh Chauhan.

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