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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Sunday, September 18, 2011

What are link-Wheels?

A link-wheel is a combination of strategy, which uses a set of sites appear for a place to be a local authority. By using a link-wheel system, the promotion will get locally improved organic rankings in search engine evaluation. Just like a real wheel to wheel Link uses a hug and spoke format. The spokes are used, important web 2.0 web authorities and the hub (or in the middle of the wheel) is to promote locally. All other spokes link back to the site and link to promote each other in a circle. Most links use six wheels authority sites to create the wheel. The Google algorithm supposedly like this format because it looks natural.

How do I build a link Wheel? The construction of a link-wheel

There are various software that help you can provide a link as SENuke wheel and wheel build links Lite. However, if you want to try on your own, it is not difficult to build one. I compiled a list of good authority sites below. Sign up for an account to submit each and an article. The articles have been divided (that is, changes to the materials, where the sense remains the phasing changes). Therefore, you should use a different version of the product at each site and ensure that each link to your website with your targeted keyword as well and they have a way to connect with each other in a circle. Here are other ways connected with them, but the circle is the basic format. To really use some power to get your wheel spoke Social bookmarks to pages.
What are some variations on Wheels link?

Closed Link wheel

"Closed-cycle" is where all the spokes to complete a full cycle (eg a-> b> c> d> e> f> a). This link makes the essential link wheel, but it leaves a "footprint" for search engines to follow, there is the link pattern is very linear, and usually you do not want search engines clue in the fact that they are being manipulated.

Horseshoe Link wheel

"Horseshoe" is where all the sites connect with one another, but the pattern is not closed (eg, a-> b> c> d> e, but there is no link of e to a). Although this hide footprints in the base version will weaken the wheel seen as one of the spokes are missing backlinks.

Random Link Wheel

Random Link Wheel is where you connect the spokes are held together by chance with a linear pattern have. The completely concealed possible space and appear more natural. It is easier to achieve if more spokes are involved.

What are some good use authority sites in a link-wheel?

Searching "Free Blog Host" on Google and you can get a pretty big list of good authority pages. Here is a list I made:

* Squidoo
* HubPages
* Google Sites
* GoArticles
* Blogger
* Vox
* Wikispaces
* Webs
* Wetpaint
* LiveJournal
* Blogsome
* Weebly
* Quizilla
* Tumblr
* Tripod
* Knol
* Xanga
* DevHub

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  1. Vaporizer Says:
  2. Link wheel is an advanced search engine optimization method for achieving higher ranking.


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