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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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If you devise strategy and implementation, and project management, than is often needed. The purpose of this post I have to share (and a few others) over the years learned about the management of SEO strategies. There is not a hardcore SEO I recommend you take a look at this if you want some!

Goals & Objectives

If you are developing a website for an SEO strategy, you make sure you have some purpose in place. A simple, "increase traffic" or "better job" is not specific enough, but having said that, so that they target specific improvements across the board are making out any recognition of this type are limited.

Cheese in a home that you have a website to sell online are SEO. Your overall goal is to increase conversions on your site. Your strategy's goals are threefold:

* Reduce the bounce rate of about X%
* X% of the increase in the number of new visitors
* About the conversation rate by x%

Recommend a Twitter account? That is because you think it's X% increase in the number of new visitors or because you like the twittering? Framework by giving each task a certain purpose, you do not work on strategies that will reduce the risk of wasting time.

Getting everyone on board

These goals and objectives you are creating a strategy for which a client or should be developed in partnership with your boss.

Sure someone (and it could be you) really believe in the strategy and the need to explain it to those who can champion.PowerPoint graphs we have found, and a 'MOZ tool helps with the odd screenshot. (MOZ in the sales process about the use of devices that talk about this in my post).

Development of indicators

Sound daunting? It is, but it is definitely worth it.

"Leading indicators and analytics signature" is the buzz word of the moment. Consider the things you can spot indicates that it is something to think about.the monitor. If your objective is to improve traffic to your site longtail If 3 or more words to his signature analytics keyphrases that are driving traffic to your site can monitor the number.

Delegate tasks

Once your strategy, goals, and indicators are established, it's time to start delegating tasks! Personally, I love a little bit, but I know that many difficult tasks that are intrinsic to the success of a strategy can deliver. Unless you personally have infinite time and resources, project, perhaps if you try and you will suffer everything.

Whatever works though, just make sure everyone is up to date and ready to go.


No matter how convincing a strategy may seem attractive, it really is until this action will not work and then actioned. Unless you are prepared for all the functions, hand out and worked on from day one you can not fail. If only it was that easy ....

In reality, all the other challenges that face you are working on the website can be really hard fitting in with your SEO strategy. A bug or a new widget to their limited dev resources can fix the fix? This one comes in very handy is the ability to prioritize.Solid SEO concepts to your strategy that you can work on other sites should be based on. If so, you have no other potential benefits of an action should have no problem making a call.


With any strategy for the regular catch-up are required throughout the project. Of those things, market changes, forget that stuff does not work ... It is responsible for all need to be discussed. A strategy for your goals halfway through the tweaked for whatever reason, need to you should be able to adapt quickly. It is also important expected results and key indicators accordingly tweak.

How do you go about these reviews is clearly a huge difference in the case, but keep it to put in diary! I've found it a very formal sort out such an agenda to catch up and try and stick to it is worth keeping. The catch-up to help an excellent opportunity to keep you on track. Most public a list of niche directories, but any missed opportunities to dig through the Twitter network will be constructed at the site.

Things to keep in mind

Diminishing returns versus a quick victory - to implement an SEO strategy often involves first picking low-hanging fruits.'re going to look good. However, this kind of quick-win approach will not last forever, you will understand your customer or owner should think about this. Two things will help you with this:

*A point in our strategy to work the concept of diminishing returns as the positive.
A strategy is a cumulative project progress so make sure you always start the day you made the site look not only make the catch.

Know your resources - as I mentioned above. No action on standby as a videophone with a terrible SEO strategy to capture the magic as a kitten in a box is bad.Your minions are capable of and what they remember, if you do change the rules halfway through the game, you should reconsider the "winning" look like.

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