SEO has changed forever - Google Panda

Posted by Ranjit Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Web publishers in the past 10 years has been the key buzz words. Getting ranked in Google means free traffic for web publishers, the improvement and search engine optimization was required for a given site. However, Google panda is here to stay, and it has always changed the rules of SEO.

For the past 10 + years, the Google PageRank method used to rank websites. If you had a website about basketball, and you got a link from - Google will know that your site is about basketball, a quality site. It was similar to a voting system, a relevant and high authority sites link to you, it will count as a vote. The more votes your website receives, the better your website will rank. Of course relevance have played a role, as Google sites linking to you who were on a similar topic as yours and has more value. In addition, the Authority counts, so a link from sports related blogs were not as popular as the price may hold more than 5 links.

Two other major factors that Google considers unique content and the "title tag" was. Material that is unique to Google and other Web pages over the Internet had not wanted to appear. Was found the duplicate content, Google's site was the original author of the content is determined, and it will penalize other sites that the content was scraped.

Google also factored "tag" title as it was a way for Web publishers and users to tell Google about what was the webpage. Google to organize it for the keyword searches to help rank web pages.

This method has worked for ranking web pages, Google and many others in addition to the highly relevant search results using above methods. For years, all other search engines of Google's results, which is why Google continues to command a 65% market share was higher than quality. However, over the years, Bing got the other search engines, and Google was not so special. At the same time, Web publishers and they have become savvy to find ways to sneak ahead of more relevant search results in Google. For example, this year, JC Penny on the web to buy links on Google to find websites that these links to websites that have natural and the JC Penney had a vote was charged.

As more and more users have complained about the search results, Google realized that it needs to change, and Google came Panda. Panda Google Google websites to evaluate a completely new way.

Panda wants results in a better quality websites.One is the power of Google search results to users automatically think of Google as Panda.Panda is not only talented, but it makes sense as tricking Google into thinking they are of high quality to prevent the low quality sites.

Panda factors in a wide variety of user signals to help Google determine the quality of a website. At this time "on site" seems to determine how the user quality of experience as the way a given site is running on. The bounce rate, people who go to a site without doing anything which is a measure of the percentage appears. A given webpage to see if they are recommended as a means of social signals in the stock looks like +1'. The journey to see a copy of how people are navigating through a given site as a way to look at the page views.

So, if your basketball site "Fun Basketball Man" is called - and Google notices that an increasing amount of people for a way to get your website as "fun basketball Man" are searching for the Google a way to recognize that is enjoyed by users of your site.

Overall, the use of "matrix" are and how to Google for a particular webpage or website price signals to users. In the old days, exclusive content was important, but Google panda is unique content that high quality content wants to do. and use the metrics that Google is in place if the ground really high in quality content that readers will help determine.

If you are trying to rank well in Google - I think what Google is saying you should listen to. With the Black Hat technology instead of trying to trick Google, Google Suggest, which essentially increases while improving your site traffic referrals from Google used to enhance his chance.

To make it easier for us all - Google's top publishers and is wondering how panda for webmasters to use as a guide to come up with 23 questions.

Every room in my office I have posted the 23 questions, so that we all remember watching the pandas.

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