HOW: Make your online reputation management SEO experiment

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Monday, June 27, 2011

It's a fair bet that your boss, to date, and give someone your business card, type your name into a search engine. Appears in some negative consequences, your online reputation quickly can damage your offline reputation - and affect your life.

And your search results are squeaky clean, the same techniques can help you control how you're perceived online. Here's how to get started.

Step 1: Watch where you stand

Before you can manage your online reputation, you have to assess it. Write your name in the search engines. Search alert for your name (Google recently a new dashboard simple Google Me "on the web" tool designed to make it through) set. If you find something unflattering, ask yourself:

* I post it?
If you do not have anything, content will still end up in Google's index - it will disappear just take a bit longer.

* The personal information that can be used in a crime? If someone posts your Social Security number, bank account numbers, credit card number or image of your handwritten signature, Google will attempt to remove the search results. It is also requested to contact the site hosting company that the page be taken down.

* This information is posted on high traffic site? A popular news site is hard to compete with the search results. But Patrick Ambron, create a personal online brand reputation management service called cofounder, says that all hope is not lost. "Google, usually for only a rank results per page per domain name choice," he says.News on your site to use full name to create a profile.

If "yes" can not answer any of these questions, your best bet for reducing the visibility of negative material, the top search results using positive content is the competition.

Step 2: Post Positive Material

"If you can not get material removed from the site, you may remove it completely from Google's search results, or will not be able to" Google's personal information to keep Google out of the guide reads.

In other words, if you want to create a negative webpages in the search, the relevant content you will need to push down the negative links. Google negative reviews of your business, for example, shows the response.

Step 3. Creating an Identity Hub

Ambron to the top of search results for your name, your hub for pushing the tips recommended.

Claim your domain name. Search terms in the URL of your web page (in this case, your name) and tells the search engine page is about.
Mention yourself. , You are trying to tell the search spiders, "This page is about me!" A good way to do that is using your name a lot. Use your name in tabs and headings.

* Link to your content. "[Google] vote for your site to the site considers each link," Ambron says.

All of those social media profiles that you created in step two, remember? They are Facebook and Twitter, their "votes" count as more than a page you just created to be attached to reputable sources such as reputable makes.

Often post. Search engines like fresh content. An easy way to make it to your blog post in your social media feeds.

Step 4. Considered to automate the process

There are many services that a small fee for an antique online reputation will help with your search. Brand Yourself, for example, keeps track of its reputation on a dashboard and it helps you enhance the positive material to improve or help you by creating new positive content. Vizibility users the information they want to have a special button or URL that online profiles, websites, resumes, email signatures and business cards can be added to the "Search" allows pre-selection in the display.
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