Facebook Now decided TO pay 10 Cents to Its Users for watching certain ads…

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Saturday, May 14, 2011

Facebook Now rewards certain users who watch certain ads on the site with facebook credits…Which can be used for purchasing goods on Facebook deals page… Facebook new Groupon like daily deals and services.. The Credits however, is not huge… Initially at least, the average ads will yield a 1 credit, which is equal to 10 cents…
You able to see mostly these ads in all Facebook games… Zynga, crowdstar, digital chocolate are participating game publishers… Facebook is trying to work with Socialvibe, Epic media, Sharethrough, and supersonic ads to serve Facebook credit ads on the program as well as trialpay, which will provide analytics..

Greenberg CEO of sharethrough, says that facebook’s this new move represents “a step away from interruptive advertising…” Dan Greenberg whose clients are Nestle and Microsoft, says his network won’t deliver traditional advertisings… But rather brand entertainment, which consumers will not only watch but share with their friends…

Giving Credits to consumers for watching ads is one solution for facebooks low CTR… this comes after expanded its crdits program last week to let credit holders to use their credits to buy real worlds goods. ..Prviously users who signed up for various programs like magazine subscriptions or bought outright could only able to buy virtual goods…
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