Some Quick SEO Tips to Remember Lifelong

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Saturday, April 9, 2011

if you are obsessed with ranking of your websites then you will have to think again for your SEO strategy, as all the efforts you take to optimize your site will take some time. Apart from this, there are thousands of SEO’s who are trying to do so and the same obsessions have taken over you. Sometimes thinking out of the box helps and although if you find your website lower on Page rank it can do miracles for you if taken in positive spirit.

Handful SEO Tips to stay Focused and Organized
  • Use Java script drop down menus, image maps and image links and insert some of the links on the page, which can be followed by the spiders.
  • Content is king so you will have to update and go on updating new content pages in your website, which should be original, unique and focusing on your primary keyword.
  • As Content is King for search engines Links play role of a Queen, often use quality back linking. Use your primary keyword or keyword phrase as your link. Remove unwanted links.
  • Make sure to focus on unique keyword on every page of the website. Title tags should always carry the keywords.
  • Keep your company name at the end unless it is a household name because you are going to get little traffic directly from the name of your company.
  • Always use keyword phrases for back linking by avoiding “Click Here” word for the same.
  • Always concentrate on the keyword phrases, which are widely searched and always mention your location and business in positive manner within the content.
  • Design your website with the consent of SEO, as too much use of flash will harm your efforts. Spiders can detect text only flash and images are of no use.
  • Make appropriate use of text, keywords, keyword phrases in text links, images and ALT attributes, if possible in your domain also.
  • Resolve the canonicalization issues and use 301 redirects to approach your proper domain.
  • Get updates on link to your homepage within your site, never split your links by appending index.html to your domain.
  • If you failed to change your content or update your content, you may lose your focus. Indulge in adding blogs to your website, as search engines need fresh content. Blog at least thrice in a week and feed those crawlers.
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