Autoblog SEO – Is Autoblogging Bad For SEO?

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Saturday, April 9, 2011

it really surprised me as many approached me for the last couple of weeks and asked me the very similar question. What is my idea about autoblogging? Is autoblogging a bad practice? How does search engines view a blog that has lots of auto generated contents? I finally decided to make a post on the topic. Hopefully people who have similar questions will be benefited.

Duplicate Content
One of the serious problems with having an auto blog system in action is the duplicate content. Duplicate content is not necessarily a bad thing SEO wise, but the problem starts when your scraped contents starts to rank high over the original content page. Frankly no webmaster or blogger what to be a victim of such issues. you should know that its not beyond possibility. Search engines values the content on a site based on nearly 200 factors and there are instances when it decides to rank the syndicated content on the top over the original one. I have heard about cases where people are forced to shut their blogs because of legal threats. In some cases the original author of the content directly approaches the web host and request them to take the site down. Auto blogs are definitely vulnerable to legal actions on the long run when you are not respecting the copyrights.

Search Engine Penalty

Its been really misunderstood that search engine penalizes sites for having duplicate contents, this is not really true. Search engines do easily identify sites that has similar contents but not necessarily penalizes just because it is holding a scraped content taken from somewhere else. The real reason behind why search engines might penalize a auto blog is something else.

Content Spamming

To be more precise the real reason for penalties on auto blogs is spamming contents. There are a lots of people who are greedy to make hundreds of dollars over night and think auto blogging can do the trick. But building a blog overnight with hundreds and thousands of over night gives your site an outright confirmation that it is spamming to search engines. When you are using a system that generates automatic contents for your blog, keep in mind that do not over do it.

Use Creative Commons

Its a good idea to use creative common contents from sites like wikihow. Where you are free to use their contents on your blog provided you link back to them or provide some kind of credit back to the original owner. If you want to use contents that are not under creative commons then its a good idea to approach the real owner and obtain permission.


Autoblogging is not a necessarily a bad thing when you respect the copyrights and do not spam hundreds of contents over night, keep your blog clean and use only contents that are allowed to be shared by its author.
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