Warning To All Bloggers: No SEO Means No Google Love!

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Saturday, April 9, 2011

When blogging first stepped into the online scene it was a platform for people to air their views and thoughts about life. Blogging was seen as an online diary or journal. But over the years blogging has evolved into a highly commercial entity and there is loads of money to be made in the blogosphere.
As a blogger you are offering your content to the world but remember you are doing it in the virtual sphere where the rules are a little different. Although you are writing for people and you should be offering value in the posts you publish, your articles are also being evaluated by an unseen bot. And this little bot is the search engine spiders that crawl through your content and rank your posts accordingly.

For your articles to rank well they will need to be optimized for the search engines, if they are not then your rankings will be poor and the number of visitors you receive will be minimal. SEO is an integral part of blogging in this decade and for you to reap maximum value from your posts you will need to learn and implement the various SEO techniques to every post that you publish.
In this article I will outline 3 reasons why you need to focus on SEO.

Search Engine Traffic is Free

Traffic generated from the search engines costs you nothing and it is a passive stream of traffic. Receiving this traffic isn’t a result of your blog commenting or guest posting it is the direct effect of engaging in on-page and off-page SEO for each post you publish. You can receive this type of traffic for years to come if you focus on optimizing your articles for the search engines.
Wouldn’t you like receiving new subscribers’ everyday directly from the search engines?

Traffic From Search Engines are Highly Targeted

Traffic gained from social media platforms will never compare to that gained directly from the search engines because people who find your blog via the search engines have typed in a specific keyword and found your blog as a result. The information you provide on your blog is directly related to what the search engine user was looking for.
One way of wining over a new subscriber is by providing the answers they are looking for and if they found your blog via the search engines chances are high that your information will satisfy their needs. Add one more subscriber to your list!

Search Engine Traffic Are Ready To Spend Money

If a search engine user keys in the phrase “best online marketing course” and you have an optimized post that ranks for that keyword, you are well positioned to make a sale from that visitor if he/she visits your blog from the organic results. If you target buyer hungry keywords in your content you will have visitors on your blog who are ready to spend money.
Are you beginning to see the value of SEO and how it can help you make more money and gain a larger subscriber base? I know many may feel this approach steers the focus away from their readers but this isn’t the case: if it is done correctly you will be able to satisfy Google and receive a whole lot of Google love and you will still be able to maintain the quality of you posts to ensure your current subscribers continue to receive value from your blog.

Saksham Talwar is a part time blogger and an entrepreneur who loves to write =. He contributes regularly at his coupons blog where he shares Network Solutions coupons and 123inkjets promo coupons.
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