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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Thursday, May 26, 2011

Writting Skill
We all know that search engines thousands of visitors in a short period of time can lead to a site, but received only a few of us really want the kind of traffic. Organic search traffic for your blog search, although some councils blogs that can help you:

Long Tail
In the past I blogged about going after long tail keywords because they are much less competitive, but many of you really went after them? HitTail how the program so as not in competition, you drive tons of traffic data which can then find are great. Like all blogs TechCrunch and I adjusted the majority of their search traffic comes from long tail keywords Mashable. How long tail keywords adding up to 10,000 or even 20,000 per day for this blog may be surprised by the results of search engines.

Visit the product Web site
If you're a blogger, you are probably products with an application for review, the killing is to get people to hate. In most cases these products or web sites are so popular, if you do not, they will not post more traffic, but some of these changes in terms of brand and drive thousands of visitors. Only YouTube Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, and look for words like ebuddy.
You must always talk in the market, but with the objective of the material that help your readers and search engines will not write a ton of hits on the blog's license.

Breaking News
The thing with the latest news, you just blog about it or you do not find love on the subject is too. Blog messages directly to you, except RHD and then there are tons of traffic data does not hit, but he was struck by yesterday for traffic per month. It is a good example for people who have blogged about the case every YouTube. He phrase "utube" for tons of traffic. Our corporate blog,, we receive tons of research on words, even the really old news.
If you have a hard time news break, you can visit sites like TechMeme.

Links to websites and social quality of the editorial content is always a great improvement in search traffic. can lead Digg, Netscape, and most importantly, thousands of links to such sites and thousands of visitors. If you write a guide or a list of how to improve the natural bonds of any research on your traffic site is an excellent opportunity to have the sounds. A simple way of knowing what works well on these social sites the opportunity to do some research and look for that in the past, very popular.

There are probably tons of other techniques for traffic to your blog can use the increased research, it's just the ones I have on a regular basis.
Special methods you use to expand your search?


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