Business Development Strategies and Models for SEO & Internet Marketing Company

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Saturday, May 14, 2011

Strong client base will be the key for every successful SEO company. Every company who offer or provide SEO & E-marketing services have different model to approach their client. Here are few successful business models which could be helpful for SEO experts to fetch more business.

Reference Model

Reference model is the most powerful and effective model to fetch business. Once you have you client and provide them satisfactory services, you can ask to give you reference of his two close business friends or personal friends who might interested in SEO or other services which you offer. From each client try to get at least two contacts as reference and do strategic approach to them by mail first, followed by call.
Or if your client is SEO service provider and outsourcing his work then ask him for collaboration.

SEO website model

As every website required good SEO to get ranked at high, the same way every SEO company also need to design one effective website for SEO consulting and enrich it with all creativity and quality contents to make it successful. Start fetching direct inquiry from market which are very potential.

Bidding Model

You can create a profile on portal and find domestic and international clients who are looking for the SEO and SMO services from companies and individuals.  You can bid with your profile, show experience with some of your case study and client will select the best one from the bid participants. Client use to filter and select the company from profile, past client feedback and portal history of business done without any complain on site.
It sounds very simple but Bidding is not an easy job. Its the science of getting business from online clients. This model required home work, documentation, ability to wait till right time, constant effort and time investment.
This model is advisable for two kind of SEO service provider, one is a company who have strong portfolio and in house team. And second are those who have very competitive rates and open to work on result bases.

Both of them have maximum ratio of consume around 68% of awarded SEO projects on bidding portals. Other 32 % are lucky enough to fetch business from their current clients, new client who just join bidding portal, and those who have really good contents  at bidding  profile and effective communication skills to ensure client about their capability.

Strategic Advertisement Model

Apart of Google Ad-sense, you can try to advertise your services at industry specific zone. for example at export – import magazine, you can give advertisement that on Christmas get online traffic to convert your targeted consumer and grow your business. These kind of strategic advertise model will help your SEO services grow.

But you need industry specific knowledge, business model information, and online demand analysis to invest on strategic advertisement model.

Mail blast Model

You can design one or more domain specific template to market your services and solution of SEO and shoot it to prospective clients. Data of the prospective clients are the key to achieve success in this model.
Make sure you hire server for this, as your server or IP could be ban due to spam activities by sending mass mails.

Outsourcing Model

Many company do smart work in place of hard work, they do not hunt for individual clients, but they invest their time to get some outsourcing partners or affiliates who can provide long term and consistent business to them.
In international affiliation model company use to tie up with outsourcing partner who has local presence and strength to market the services but do not has enough staff or cost effectively to execute those project offshore and in house. Those company or consultants use to outsource their bulk work to the company who can provide them support in term s of report, analysis and cost estimation and e-marketing work.
You can find these kind of affiliates online on some affiliation or business networking sites.

Brand approach model

This is out of the box model, which need lots of efforts, research, analytical skills and strong technical writing ability with psychometric components to succeed.
This model follows these steps.
  • Find fortune five hundred or any huge brand that do not have fund or investment issues.
  • Analyze their website, identify area of improvements according to their branding and market reputation.
  • Approach them with list of suggestion to enhance their site with SEO and SMO which can enable their site to improve sales in X ratio percentage.  Make sure you define X percentage base upon current market standards, consumer & commodity analysis and trend analysis.
  • Make sure you do proper data analysis. Analysis should be effective, not base upon hypothetical and logical with reference or case study.
  • Now offer them your SEO/eMarketing service with personalize approach towards their website enhancement base upon possible business growth. Make sure you do not disclose all your e marketing strategy to prospective client until you get contract signed.
These all basic models will surely helpful to take your SEO company or business to the next level of growth. Apart of these there are more 14 effective, proven & Out of the box models are there to do Business development for SEO marketing company, which I will share in upcoming posts at IMJ.
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