7 Major SEO Tactics In Coming Year

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Monday, May 16, 2011

In the current SEO Roundtable discussion, new and upcoming digital marketing tactics were discussed and some points which came out to be future tactics. As there are some of the areas, SEO would concentrate because it is interesting to note that how these tactics will change the current SEO methods in use. Some of the Areas where SEO should focus are

Social Signal Impact on Ranking

Amongst the most take, always links shared through twitter and facebook will have positive impact in SEO. Both Bing and Google have confirmed that they will consider public facebook data in their ranking algorithms. This means over all involvement and investment in social media visibility particularly with Twitter and Facebook has to be developed.

Mobile Search

Along with the growth in mobile users, there is systemic growth in internet users on mobile who are using search engines frequently. This becomes more important in SEO as recently Google has introduced mobile search volumes by device and specific keyword phrases and tools. You will have to look for the specific tactics for mobile search results, as the results will be same only. Mobile-specific content should be the buzz in current SEO tactics.

Local Search

Google has recently updated Algorithm and Interface in the end of last year where Google places have acquired lot more importance in goggle search engines. You will have to concentrate more on all those Red Balloons, which will dominate the local search results in coming years.

Real Time Search

Looking at the search engine activities in the last years after they adapted separate strategies for Twitter and facebook. More and more results were displayed for the content they were linked within twitter and facebook. If you have never thought of real time search then it is time to rearrange your SEO strategies.

Video Search

If you are updated with the current search engine activities then you should be aware that You Tube became the second most important search engine in many countries. This simply states that if you have not focused on video search results then you will have to rethink and preplan your strategies. May be Video Blogging will become more popular than text blogging in coming years.

Microsoft-Yahoo Alliance

Since the rise of Google, most of the SEO’s have limited themselves and their ranking to Google only. Looking at the current alliance between two giant search engines, they are missing a lot on other aspects of SEO. Make sure to formulate strategies depending on current happenings and trends.

Semantic markup

This simply suggests that you will have to work more precisely with the micro formats. As an SEO, you will have to keep a close eye on happenings on micro formatting data integration especially with all the social Medias.
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