The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Blog Must Be SEO Optimized

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Saturday, April 9, 2011

The original idea behind blogging was to share your thoughts and feelings in the world wide web. But it wasn’t long before savvy internet marketers realized that a blog is the perfect tool for building a relationship and networking with their customers or visitors.
With the economic downturn the importance of having a personal relationship with your customers is absolutely vital. But the world of blogging and social media is a funny thing. Look at how many bloggers are spending more time building (or auto-building) their Twitter following and ignoring valuable comments on their blogs. I know you’ve seen this on at least a few big blogs.
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Using your blog is about sharing your passion for your blog topic with the world. It’s about interaction and communication. SEO, however, is always seen as being a bit sterile, so all too often bloggers don’t pay attention to the SEO basics that are critical.

There are 3 really good reasons why you should be paying at least some attention to the SEO aspects of your blog:

1. Hands Free Traffic

What I love about SEO based traffic is that it’s free, and once the traffic begins to flow it becomes self-sustaining. No PPC campaigns to manage, no JV headaches – just highly targeted free traffic. If you manage to optimize the SEO aspect of your blog from the outset, you will cash-in on traffic gained organically for years to come. I’ve had blogs that I haven’t touched for months and they consistently bring in up to 100 visitors each day. Wouldn’t you enjoy blogging more if you weren’t constantly worrying about how to get more visitors to your blog?

2. Targeted Visitors

Having your pages ranked in the search engines based on your keyword rich content means that when the visitor hits your blog they are getting exactly what they want. With Twitter and other social media outlets there tends to be a lot of “get to know me” type of content. That’s great for showing your visitors how funny or thoughtful you might be. But it’s absolutely awful at converting those visitors or followers into subscribers or sales.
If done right, SEO gives your blog the ability to provide almost instant answers to a web searchers questions. Answer their questions well, interact with them and you’ll have a long term blog follower.

3. The Cash Is In The Keywords

Online shopping is booming. What most bloggers don’t realize is that the online sales market is worth billions per year (about $250 billion at last count). Targeting what are called “buyer keywords” as part of your SEO campaign will certainly put money into your bank account. If somebody is searching for information online and your SEO optimized content appears in the search results then your chances of generating a new subscriber or a sale are heightened considerably.
The Blog SEO Equation:
Blog + SEO = Easy Income. It’s really that simple.
Share Your Ideas

Do you agree that if you ignore the SEO aspect of running a blog you are effectively leaving income on the table for some other SEO savvy blogger to scoop-up!


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