How To Promote Your Blog Without Commenting On Other Blogs

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Saturday, April 9, 2011

I usually find myself busy or lazy and I usually don’t leave too many comments on any blog except when I find any extraordinary article or an article which helps me in a greater way. Below are some methods I follow to promote my blog without using the commenting method and keep my traffic intact.
No Comments

  1. Use Twitter to send updates. Scheduling your Tweets helps in a great way as I have experienced.
  2. Keep your Facebook Fan Page updated and respond to the response and queries you get there.
  3. Work a bit on your site SEO whenever you get time and try to keep it updated and fresh every now and then
  4. Submit your site to search engines and directories,
  5. Write interesting articles which might lead readers to share it amongst their other friends.
  6. Keep your blog updated at a regular interval or daily if possible.
  7. Add a share widget with the article which makes your article easily sharable to the social networks.
  8. Ask people to subscribe to RSS feeds so that they can come back whenever a new article is published by you.
  9. Record videos and use them on YouTube effectively.
  10. Add few interesting blogs to your BlogRoll and if you’re lucky then they might link you back and this may increase your popularity.
Well, the above listed points were time-consuming and requires a bit of efforts. As I say, you either require time or money to promote your blog. Below mentioned points are those ones which requires you to spend money to promote your blog.
  1. Create Google Adwords campaign and advertise your blog.
  2. Same way, you can use Facebook Ads to bring region targeted traffic.
  3. Get your blog paid reviewed on the other blogs.
So, these were few steps which can be followed in order to promote a blog without commenting other blogs but I personally feel that commenting on other blog is the best way to promote a blog and bring traffic as well as it makes a blogger popular in the blogging sphere.


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