Internet Marketing

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Saturday, January 8, 2011

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Internet Marketing
What is internet marketing?

I thought as my knowledge that internet marketing  is one type of service for direct and distance marketing. we can also says internet marketing is referred and related with e-marketing, web marketing, net marketing, search engine marketing and online marketing. so, internet marketing is make wide business without waste more time and money.

And, if you are new in this field, do not waste your time to free software and other money spending site. just try to search  "free online internet marketing guide" via google, yahoo and bing search engines, which is trying to give you better article and documents to solve your problem.

Main use of internet marketing is to improve the productivity of your work and because of that we can make more profits with less time and money spent.

Today, Most of peoples established their own sites or blogs to popularity and generate money with affiliation programs. For Example Amazon is powerful tool to affiliation programs. An affiliate marketing is a commercial relationship. "Affiliate Programs" is one type of marketing.

As this way there are lots of types of internet marketing, but some of them is very useful to quick income as below:
Some types of internet marketing:

1.Banner Addvertisement 2.Flash Presentations
3.Conversion rate optimization 4.Landing page optimization
5.E-mail marketing 6.Interactive advertisement
7.Social media optimization 8.Search engine marketing
9.Search engine optimization 10.Web analytics
11.Cost per click 12.Affiliate marketing
13.Contextual advertising 14.Revenue sharing
15.Pay per click advertising 16.Search analytics
17.Mobile advertising 18.Display advertising
19.Article marketing 20.Online serve marketing

Banner Advertisement is a web marketing method. Banner Marketing's main aim to attract visitors to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser. In banner marketing Advertiser  give link to publisher, and when viewer comes to publishers sites and shows that attractive banners and then click on that. at this time publishers can make money by a click, and advertiser can make traffic to own  websites or blog. This movement is known as a "click through".

Flash presentations is same as banner advertisement. flash presentations is presents products services with video pictures, and video pictures effects more on visitors.  so, flash presentations is effective way to marketing, and today lots of online free flash publishers.

Conversion rate optimization is one better method to convert visitors into customers, and landing page optimization is same as conversion rate optimization.

King of marketing is email marketing, which is electronic mail. In E-marketing business person make some mail campaign and send it to mail users to growth of business with direct traffic.

Interactive advertisement is for online and offline business. Main aim of interactive advertising are usually presents to the traditional subject of advertising.

In more, Serve, Display, mobile, article, pay per click And cost per click all are best ways to marketing.

( I hope you would like this article on internet marketing. for more deeply information on internet marketing, please watch other article. )

Best of Luck & Thanks,
Ranjitsinh Chauhan.

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