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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello!! Friends, I have already told you in internet marketing post that email marketing is king of marketing, which is electronic mail. And internet marketing is direct and distance marketing, so e-marketing is direct marketing type or field.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an online marketing tool, and its easy to use, something low cost and impressive, it enables to conversion, information and offer with our clients in a private manner. With Email marketing we can easily promote our business and products.

In sort, email marketing is promotion method of business brands or sales. And also it’s complete direct traffic and without reference directs sales.

Today, email marketing is done by free software’s, which are giving us free tools and that tools makes e-marketing very easy.

But, Please don’t spam it - Having said that, Gmail does have an item called ‘canned response’ that allows you to send mechanical emails to public that have already requested information from you. Again, somebody has to demand the information from you and you can set up Gmail to send a mechanical reply.

A fashionable form of email marketing includes:

   1. Invitations
   2. Catalogues
   3. Press Releases
   4. Postcards
   5. Coupons / Discounts
   6. Newsletters
   7. Email Surveys

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of email marketing, For Exam:


1.    We can send it globally anywhere.
2.    Its cost is very low.
3.    It is very personalized, because this helps in creating a unique link with the forecast.
4.    With an email-marketing the viewers can realize your offering even when you are out of office.
5.    We could send emails them, who are very needful customer for our services or products. so, we can send targeted consumers.

1. some recently claims says that only 12% of teenagers open email daily, because of that after short time there are lots of possibility that public will be understand email marketing strategies.
2.  Wikipedia's public editor says that a statement issued by the e-mail services company Return Path, as of mid-2008 e-mail deliver-ability is still a subject for genuine marketers. According to the statement, rightful e-mail servers averaged a delivery rate of 56%; twenty percent of the mails were discarded, and eight percent were filtered.

Some Legal requirements for email marketing:

Out of the US Company, it is an excellent performs to following practice to ensure the effectiveness and strong growth of direct email marketing.

1.    First of all we need to include an official corporal address in your email.
2.    Don’t embrace any bogus header or footer information.
3.    In Content, We do not add some kind of messages that makes costumers misleading.
4.    And we must add an unsubscribe button or script with email. From that button viewer can stop messages.
5.    After unsubscribe request within 30 days company should stop emails for advertise or transfer it. 

Main 18 types of legal forms:

1.    Disclaimer
2.    Privacy polices
3.    Terms of use
4.    Earning income disclaimer
5.    Website sales agreement
6.    Domain name sales agreement
7.    Assignment of domain name
8.    Definitions
9.    Titles and headings
10.   Independent covenants
11.    Sever ability
12.    Branding of services
13.    Additional usage fees
14.    Monitoring of content
15.    Storage; security
16.    Description of services
17.    Restrictions on services
18.    No Spam

( I hope you would like this article on E-mail marketing. for more deeply information on internet marketing, please watch other article. )

Best of Luck & Thanks,
Ranjitsinh Chauhan.

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