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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pepsi, McDonalds, Elle Magazine, the Hilton hotel group and Dunkin 'Donuts are just some of the many companies that use text marketing to increase sales, rolled out new products or services, perform actions, or communications with customers. But Bulk SMS is not just for large corporations or multinational companies. Automated calling and messaging services make it possible for professionals, small businesses and organizations of all sizes to perform text-marketing. This mass text-messaging services enable subscribers to enter a message and send it to a few or thousands of people at once with a single click.
Text Marketing

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, a global non-profit industry association that educates, promotes activities, guides and protects the mobile marketing industry is the mass SMS is the most common form of mobile marketing because of the many advantages it holds. Statistics by mobile operators show that SMS has skyrocketed in the U.S. alone is 9.8 billion SMS messages a month in 2005-152200000000 SMS per month in 2009, are the most recent year statistics are available. And trends show that an SMS will continue to grow in the coming years. For companies, the figures strongly support the use of text marketing as a viable way to reach customers.

How fair labor Texting

A text is any kind of mass communication, a phone number will be sent. It could be a written message, a coupon code or a survey. Mass SMS is the process of transferring a mass of text using a Web connection. Through the combination of automated messaging technology and the large, secure networks of the Internet, much of the text is transmitted to recipients lightening speeds. Bulk SMS is an acceptable form of communication as an SMS text message to recipients, which is notified to send opt-in, or gave their phone number and permission to text communication from the business, institution or organization to obtain.

Marketing is used as text

Bulk SMS text contains both global marketing campaigns and small, local marketing initiatives. Here are two case studies that show a nationwide central text and a marketing campaign:

Case Study # 1: McDonald's ran a mass text campaign in conjunction with his radio spots. The advertisements encouraged consumers to text in their name to receive an SMS voucher for free menu items. In addition, the receivers could receive the SMS voucher with a "Y", continue special offers from McDonald's response. As a result of accumulated use the fast-food restaurant has a huge database of names and phone numbers for future bulk SMS campaigns.

Case Study # 2: A Texas-based practice, again and again no-shows of appointments made weeks in advance. The employees make the appointments started collecting phone numbers of patients and to ask permission to send text reminders. This made ​​it possible to send bulk text of the daily dental practice those patients who had appointments the next day. Not only does this initiative to improve the office no-show ratio, it also enabled the dentist's monthly text-marketing campaigns to inform patients of their other dental services.

Mass SMS is used in many different applications through a wide range of disciplines and industries. Some examples of the use of business text marketing include brokers, weather-related facilities, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, nonprofit organizations, health agencies, emergency management agencies, media companies and professionals such as lawyers, doctors, chiropractors, dentists, consultants , service centers and hair stylists.

Why Bulk Texting entrepreneurial sense

According to Mobile Marketer, the leading news publication for mobile marketing, media and retail, 85 percent of people read SMS messages within 15 minutes of receipt. This gives companies a real-time way to communicate with their customers.

As an entrepreneur, constantly looking for ways to increase their customers without a lot of money looking for mass SMS provides a workable solution, be it a one-person business or a large company. Using Bulk SMS for text marketing business or increase brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and retention, increases your customer database that works seamlessly with other marketing or promotional activities, and especially increases sales.

Additional economic benefits include sending a bulk text:

- More people have cell phones with SMS functions as a computer with e-mail. According to the Mobile Marketing Association, there are four times the number of mobile subscribers in the world (2.4 billion) compared to PCs.

- More people use cell phones than landline phones, with 20 percent of all U.S. households complete "mobile-only", according to statistics from the Mobile Marketing Association.

- Low cost. Automated messaging services, monthly plans that start as low as about $ 10 per month, and also the ability to send an automated text message or automated voice message.

- Immediate gratification. The real-time communication of the masses SMS appeals to all generations, including the Gen-Y customers and others who respond to the spontaneity of the limited-time offers, specials and promotions.


  1. Rob Wane Says:
  2. One of the best ideas to consider and I think I can't think of anything more reliable than using this social marketing ideas the advancement of technology can offer us. I've been using this to interact in people that show interest in my service and I bet more people will consider this as a great tool like I do.

  3. Part of me says that it's really an effective campaign, but the part says that may be it can just add a negative impact on the part of the company. Knowing that the use of mobile phones were for personal and communication, I think some of the users will find it annoying.

    Like in my case, if ever I'd get to receive campaigns like that, I'll probably get annoyed.


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