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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Sunday, August 7, 2011

I read the so-called SEO experts to keep the cross-linking is useless (from the perspective of a Google ranking), but they never supplied the proof. It's all fiction, real scientific evidence is collated.

I also reciprocal (though not in the classic sense) do not, but many links back and forth my own website (a lot) and it is great because of Google, some of my sites, the correlation Hamere from other sites and my sites over 20,000 unique visitors a day visit. How to downgrade some of the inter-linking my sites my websites decreasing number of traffic back and forth so (all links will be useless) would like to see links. Yet my traffic affiliate materials (thin affiliate sites links no matter how many die in traffic wise) use of sites keeps growing.

What I have here a classic problem with reciprocal linking is useless to add to mutual impression.

Reciprocal Links Exam.

PR than the pages with links to each page equivalent of 10.

Page (PR4) page (PR4) B which links back to the link: overall profit / loss or negligible in PR for the site. The relevant anchor text (anchor text handling is good) access to a link to increase ranking small.

Page (PR5) Page B-Links (PR4), which links back: B benefits / PR Links Page a site / PR links lose benefits. Benefits due to the anchor text, but page B also has a small profit PR (not much though because it's a link back) which helps at the expense of Page A.

Page (PR7) Page B (PR2) link back to the link: B benefits / PR Links Page is a site / PR links lose benefits. Benefits due to the anchor text, but page B-profit PR / link benefit a huge amount helps a lot.!

How often do you lose a PR7 links you can setup the page PR? Not very often, so the reciprocal result in reduced benefits passed. This correlation does not mean Google downgraded, it is the nature of reciprocal linking.

Comparition with Non Reciprocal Linking

Page (PR4) page B links (PR4) which do not link back: B-profit PR / link benefit page is a site lose PR. If the page B of the one-way links are a fair number of reciprocal links that PR is a lot faster than a similar number will rise.

A page (PR7) page B links (PR4) which do not link back to: Page B-PR links / benefit gain a lot of pages a site loses a lot of PR. Page B only and may thus be a link to PR5 PR6 the next update is needed. Reciprocal links link like this for a year until at least 9 months of age will not help. Because it is not mutual for the PR to other pages on the site and the page will be sent a not back partially.

Finally, reciprocal links from Google are not ignored, but for the same reason not expect miracles from a handful of reciprocal links, chances are you are sending away as much benefit as you win. 

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Ranjitsinh Chauhan is the founder and editor of Full time blogger and SEO admin have More then 2 years of experience in internet marketing firm. lets connet twitter, linkedin.


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