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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Monday, July 25, 2011

To access this guide, you will need to use a xrumer to the server!

To start, a main site, which should be enhanced and make sure it is at least some decent chosen
Optimization - page applies. The following link to continue with the construction of the wheel to check the item:

* unique title tags
* good content
* header tags
* meta keywords optimization
* w3c valid coding

Are more relevant factor, but I think this is something your site indexed and ranked a solid foundation.

Now, we create a link to the village takes the wheel. Get a brief overview, I finally show you what it will look

Yes I know, it sounds confusing, but really, it is clearly structured and easy to understand.
Site set up -:
The link to the wheel, you with the specific content of the sites mentioned below. Sure they are on different
domains and so are not spam:

Red Pyramid:
Here's a good option, subject to different RSS feeds or whatever you want with relevant content will autoblogs.
You will need 5 of them.

Blue Balls:
With little content or whatever microblogs create something like Web 2.0 sites.
You need 5 x 5 = 25 of them.

Green Pyramid:
There should be some unique content with relevance keywords. Web 2.0 properties with at least 2-3 articles are highly recommended.
You will need 5 of them.

Yellow House:
This is your main site! Make sure you apply the criteria mentioned at the beginning of this document.
You only need one.

Link Building:
The system power, link structure, yellow "lines" is a symbol of

Red Pyramid:
Xrumer these 5 sites get destroyed by a massive amount of links. Theoretically, there is a link for them is the limit. But you make sure that the red pyramid is only 5 different outgoing links, pointing to the Blue Balls.

Blue Balls:
For these sites you will need an additional incoming links. Just like the Blue Balls "traditional" method of wheel related links and each site has a link to the green pyramid.

Green Pyramid:
System "traditional" link-wheel-style part of the other green pyramid links and an outgoing link to the Yellow House.

Yellow House:
Nothing to do, just wait and see the SERPs scraping!
That's all, you are now.

Check the next page if you want to get a link building are examples.

[1] Red Pyramid: Your xrumer blasted site: it links to [2], [3], [4], [5] and [6]
[2] Blue Ball 1: Your microblog: links to [3] and [7]
[3] Blue Ball 2: Your microblog: links to [4] and [7]
[4] Blue Ball 3: Your microblog: links to [5] and [7]
[5] Blue Ball 4: Your microblog: links to [6] and [7]
[6] Blue Ball 5: Your microblog: links to [2] and [7]
[7] Green Pyramid: Your inner ring: links to your main site and to the other Green Pyramids like
the Blue Balls do with each other.
Ranjitsinh Chauhan

About Ariticle Author
Ranjitsinh Chauhan is the founder and editor of Full time blogger and SEO admin have More then 2 years of experience in internet marketing firm. lets connet twitter, linkedin.


  1. DorianM Says:
  2. Oh thanks for making it clear , because I felt confused... I am grateful to such posts, because really have difficulties often!
    Man and Van

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  4. Thanks a lot for your great blog.This contains useful and interesting facts.


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