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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Plus began in June. This is the latest step in Google and Facebook at the social effort as a strong response.

Diskspace is running out, despite the initial hiccups, Google + Facebook outrun a solid offer.

Google Plus - social networking - the business line

"Google social networking opportunity" Google plus "to a strong start - Facebook can leapfrog," Global Equity Research analyst Trip Chowdhry wrote in a note to clients.

The analyst said the network to about 3 million have so far signed up 3.5 million people to a solid start.

Paul Allen, installer said that there is more than a million people using 4.5 Google +, leading them to believe that this social site "Crazy as a growing."

Google Circle Sparks, and Hangouts significant key innovations, including the attack on the social networking space.

This is a significant find in Google Plus utility monetizability, and improve user control," Chowdhry said.

"Converged view of the" Google plus the drawing board to lay off Facebook. Facebook is also a common complaint we get heard "time is cluttered" and said, "the analyst added.

Google + Facebook the best include: distribution and status updates, photos and links to discussion, but far worse: you have 10,000 contacts in a variety of improvements phrijingana groups or on the web to send everything to everyone, instead of worrying about distribution, allows.

The user interface is very attractive and enticing, Google, such as the free email services to millions of users availing, Docs, etc. Find a business in addition to enjoying a near monopoly, is not that Facebook and Twitter.

The largest dazzle Google + integration. Almost all existing online services, Google, video search for documents, as well as connect to the Google +. If you've used any of Google's products before, you may be surprised that the data is automatically imported to your new Google + account. You are using an existing Google services without ever leaving, you all Google + (updates, messages, etc.) can monitor events and made friends with.

Google + of the Corps 'Circle' is a feature that helps organize a variety of friends and members of various levels of control over the process of sharing the road.

The 'circle' concept to find friends and more direct, method is to socialize with them in real-life represents. Google says that Facebook Google + Model model, which is family, close friends and do not differentiate between different identities.

Google + users with information from their friends in real time via a Google search can unleash the power of Google search and share. Sparks is the name of the + feature of Google. This means that the Google + user no longer friends with them, what will happen when Facebook users are still groping in the dark.

Video chat service called Google + Hangout +, which will score points on offer for Facebook. Google + allows you to do group chat with up to 10 people. We have a video message - they leave Windows Mac, and Linux can support it. When, Facebook Video Chat allows for group chat, and it is Linux does not yet support.

Meanwhile, Google 490 million users with a huge user base, and integrated Google + Adding YouTube to create a synergy is essential for the viral ability to increase the horsepower to be able to connect to Google + network.

its Privacy

Google can be a big plus for better privacy settings that you can + it has been reported. There is a Facebook site in the United masse, the privacy aspect of the cases were unsatisfied users out.

However, Facebook allows users to download their account information, Facebook makes it hard to quit. Users for two weeks 'disablement' wait time, then the account this week, is permanently deleted from Facebook. Google already has a very simple system of services for the user exit.

In addition, Google changes this week when it is likely to increase still in beta phase. Causes the accident was caused by a lack of disk space - the Google + page, Vic Gundotra, Google senior vice president of engineering, to ask their followers to view this week changes to its users spammed the service, wrote Saturday.

"Google for a lot of criticism. + We hear and the address works., The changes this week, stay tuned" Gundotra its + Google wrote on the wall.

On the other hand, Facebook pages within the Google + Hangouts in partnership with Skype to offer the video chat feature. Caught up in

Facebook, which has more than 750 million users in the early mover advantage, and third party applications such as Zynga Farmville host. Recently, the social networking giant launched a music service called.

Tech blogger Jeff Rose claimed on his blog "Life is a graph," is that they have uncovered a new Facebook may serve as the "vibes" and the internal reference can be related to the company's rumored music service.

Google is also a lack of social experience, it certainly makes for resources, and generally reached.

Google is the world's most trafficked site. The simple fact is that Facebook is no Google search engine will provide enormous benefits.

Portal, such as anxiety, the existence of email and news, and home of the most familiar, and arguably the most effective search engines such as host, Google, Internet, the rest of the "front - the door" to the work.

This year, more than five billion people on May 1 Google properties at any point in time and visited more than any other company.

The largest of these effects. On the Internet social network, "destination" rather than create, Google can, in fact, the entire Internet community.


  1. I really be very grateful for these kinds of information.This is really very much suitable for the post and hope you keep giving great information in near future.

  2. FLINTWOOD Says:
  3. I started using google plus the first day it came out. It is simply great to change your facebook account if you are tired of facebook of course. I'd like all of my friends start using it. But if they do not want to, I will abandon facebook anyway.

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  4. Mehdi Says:
  5. I am a big fan of Google services. I think Google+ is a great initiative. I am tired of Facebook.

  6. Edu Kids Says:
  7. It would be a new social networking that rock the world..^_^

  8. Mainan Anak Says:
  9. A very good information of social media. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I think +1 is not yet consider to effect SERP. Although possibilities are that Google can add in future the +1 effect to the search engine ranking factors.


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