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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Friday, June 10, 2011

Canonical canonization and discussed a lot lately. I discuss the structure of the URL and the URL of the few times in the past. We thought it would help to illustrate the concept of canonical URLs. From SEO point of view, here is the definition of the canonical URL:

Canonical URL search engine friendly URLs, search engines you want to be treated as valid. In other words, the canonical URL, the URL is to show you the audience.

Often described canonical URL of the homepage. A typical example is that most people use the same procedure as the following URL:

www.example.com / index.html
example.com / home.asp

The fact that they all have different URLs. Search engine visibility, this may be a small question. So the idea of ​​canonization. Canonization is the process of selecting the best URL (search engine results to date), while there are many possibilities. Normally, the best search engine Google as the URL of this page, they will try to do it right. But sometimes you can actually choose the wrong one. Now suggest how the product pages, the user navigates the various pager ... URL of a page but different URLs according to the forecasts, we now have duplicate content issues. Add references no external links on the list nightmare.

The easiest way to avoid this is to search engines and users know that your "favorite URL alias canonical URL. Proposal for your canonical URL (the URL you want to be right) for the amendment, all displacement February., with the major search engines and solutions announced those terms. tag content of engines (and users) want to control the sun show

Matt Cutts of Google fame to discuss the content and multiple false labeling required. He asked questions, including:

Q: So when you say www www vs. Sun, speak a kind of canonization SA announces are other ways to the canonical URL?
A: Yes, it can be many, but most people have never seen (or notice is required). If you are doing with search engines or things like remove the slash, the URL to lowercase in the example above, try to convert, or (work many packages Bulletin Board software, if you will miss so season ID) bulletin boards or other software can remove the ID session.

We have websites, to see the same page but different URLs on more than 15 volumes. Simple solution to a final destination URL. A simple way to have to deal with the required markings or the official website for all on this site was redirected. Canonical tag is easy to use, you must add the tag section duplicate content URL (the head) in the URL of the desired version.

Prescribed or simply belong. This is the easiest and less particular. Remember that the canonical URL, the URL you are the easiest and most important (official) version will look like.


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