Six SEO techniques that destroy your website

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Saturday, June 11, 2011

1) sell (or buy) links. Well, it's hard. If Google catches you buying links, you are immersed. But you can not just Google not to notice all the sneaky to do? Perhaps to keep in mind, however, Google still hates it and explode your website, if they do it out of you.
Solution: Create a terrible and compelling content for free, so people out to you, of course. It works, but it is easier said than done.

2) Free promotional giveaways. That's right - Google also ask you to other blogs link to a free promotion or giveaway, you will be punished. In their eyes it's like buying links. I did, and I have seen.
Solution: Ask each blogger a promotion or giveaway that you have your links to nofollow.

A former Google Quality Rater writes: "When you write and publish a product or cheaper, you do not follow your links, Google Both you and the company that your blog posts are punished promoted."

3) uncloaked affiliate links. Why Google hates affiliates? It seems that Google hates almost all commercial - if you make money, Google does not like. Unless of course you pay for Google AdWords PPC than to buy. Then they love you. Cloacking not your affiliate link you can in the SERPs costs. I did, and I have seen.
Solution: Link Cloak 301 - Redirects great work - and nofollow.

4) Spammy and shady sites linked. Watch the commentators on your blog comments dofollow give space - if you have enough pages that you cut get slammed for poor neighborhoods connection with the sale of Viagra and pr0n to connect people to link.
Solution: moderate comments, nofollow links, or both. More than others I've blogged about experience.

5) inertia. Search engine landscape is changing all the time - if you continually promote your site or building, chances are it will not slip in the SERPs work. You only need a 5-page brochure / guide site, and visitors can not expect to find you. They have worked.
Solution: work on it.

6) duplicate content. Now, destroy, not your website, but it will not help. If your site contains internal search engine duplicate content on pages that you want to see that visitors are not returned. If your site is already published on other websites with content replication problems, one can not appear at all.
Solution: Duplicate Content in connection with nofollow, robots.txt blocking and / or specify the use of the new Google canonical tags the official source.


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