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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Often make the problem revolves around the best topics to find the best way to write and then the content.

1st Back to basics

Most bloggers write about the new and exciting things to look for. It is important, but often the "low hanging fruit" (Topics that are easy to write) can miss.

Did you know that it 000 151 000 "What is a blog" for the phrase global searches per month (one hundred and 51 million € is)? This is an amazing number, is not it? You should answer the question "What is a blog."

Why go after the more obscure or difficult subject, though from a SEO perspective, "what is blogging" introductory topics like "how to blog" and "blogging" drive millions of searches every month, talking into the niche.

Is a continuing, unique and original information, not your bread and butter subject of SEO price.

2nd SEO keyword research before you do on paper, two minutes

Site prebuild yellow primary marketing message at the top of the page look right. Note that the article "Business Expert" reads. It's just that simple "Internet business experts" to read, is not it? Wrong.

An SEO keyword analysis and the phrase "Internet Business" and "Online Business" in comparison (with Google Keyword Tool), that "online business" fast "internet business" in the same competition twice as showing the amount of traffic.

Over time, high-traffic keywords and phrases you earn a competitive advantage.

3rd SEO Keyword penetration

Write articles on a particular topic, with the same keyword.

I'm not suggesting that you two are the same article, except to rewrite a bit of writing. I say use your imagination to approach the same subject from different perspectives. Focus on different aspects of a particular topic. Enter the counter-arguments.

4th Images and SEO

I know this is often a bit tedious to make sure that all your old pictures and title tags can be good, but it is really important. I make the effort and the image ALT and title of the content of the blog entry will give a row.

You never know when Google will return the image shown on your site. Search traffic can come from Google Image Search.

5th SEO topics

You know who your target audience as possible and do not by them to relevant content.

Good content is made - links back to the high visibility, authority and the means PageRank. High-quality blog content helps one to build on. All this amounts to more traffic and more revenue for the opportunity to convert more visitors.


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