Few Things To Know Before Starting A New Blog

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Saturday, April 9, 2011

Recently, I have been asked about blogging by my close friends and they all are eager to start their own blog so I just analyzed my own blogging journey and have found out few points which I have noticed since I started blogging which really makes sense and make a person think for a second more before taking a final decision and start his/her own blog. Have a look at some points below and let me know if you agree to them or not.
ups Before Starting

1. It’s not easy to make money with blogging
Many of the new bloggers whom I know have started or thinking of starting a new blog just because they think that it is easy to build a constant income through it. Well, I always advice them not to blog just because they need to earn. I started my blog just because I wanted to try something new in my idle time and now I am loving every bit of it.
Before earning through blog, it is necessary to build a good blog and have some constant and strong traffic and this is the thing most required to earn via blogging.

2. Look for alternatives
Blogging is not the only way with which one can earn money while working online. There are some wide scope available over the internet with which one can build a very good amount of bucks every month as my fellow classmates does! Yes, ask me for more details or read my article on how to make money online.
You may also work as a freelancer and can earn a lot or start your own social networking site I would suggest. I blog just because now I am loving every bit of it and enjoying through out.

3. Nothing can be achieved overnight
If you’re thinking that life as a blogger is the easiest then let me tell you one thing, stop dreaming! Yes, being a blogger is not that easy as you think it is. You encounter many things as you work and gradually you figure them out.
Just having a good blog with great post doesn’t help. You got to promote it constantly, work on its SEO, build a community and network with fellow bloggers as well. So, it is not just about spending few bucks and own a blog!

So. . .
It concludes that starting a blog does not guarantee you that you will be paid better. You must be ready to work harder. Keep the above points and be ready to fire your guns if you really want to! But please, don’t forget to drop in your views about this article! cheers.


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