Why you should Comments on other blog ?

Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Sunday, March 13, 2011

I guess you must read an Article on why you should Comment on my blog? And I really got some more comments by that post. Which was telling you the benefits of commenting on my blog? I hope you all get benefited. If you missed it then you must comment now on this post and the older post as well.

Commenting is best tool to be in touch with your favourite blog / blogger but do you think it is also having some inherited benefit as well. Check the following benefits for commenting on others blog.

Get external Backlinks to your Blog

There are two type of Backlinks 1) Internal Backlink 2) External Backlinks. Both have their own value. One help us to gain Internal Link Juice and one will help for External Link Juice. External links will help you to get better rankings in Search Engines. I used to comment on any post / content I like. You might can see me comment first on any of my friends blog.

Personal Brand Development

This is some broad concept to understand. It helps in various ways to develop your personal brand. If you are used to read blog and feel you can contribute some to that topic this gives some extra mileage in terms of “Visibility”. People must feel that this guys is having good knowledge. Same manner if you jump in some discussion, of course with solution this all help you to develop you personal brand.

Get Some/More Traffic & Subscribers

When you put some notable comment many one wants to know more about you and your blog this the way you are getting some extra traffic. If your comment is having more impact then It might lead that visitor to subscribe for your blog too. one comment and lot many benefits. How’s that ?

Online Relationship Build-up with Bloggers

When you are comment on any ones blog and with really good inputs, Blog owner really visit your blog. If he/she likes your blog then you must get comment on your blog too. These things lead you to some really good relation with bloggers (leading bloggers too). I am having habit of commenting and this help me to get good terms with Daniel Scocco, Founder of Daily Blog Tips and many other successful blogs. After that I even published article How To Optimize Your Site for Local Search on Daily Blog Tips ( that was really some achievement for me during that time.

Get an Idea for Next Blog post

Many times we want to write something for our blog but we are missing some good topic / content / idea. When you are commenting on other blogs, you must read that article first in order to comment so this can give you some Idea that about your next topic.

So what your gaining by spending few minutes a day ? You care improving your blog in terms of Search Engine Optimization, You are getting more visitors and more subscribers, You are expanding your network across the Cyberspace, Getting new friends and of course you are making your Personal Brand Better.

Tell from when you are going to start commenting? Don’t miss time, just comment here and start enjoying benefits. Just make sure you will have some more blog which is having commetLuv plugin. Which can give you more mileage. Even I am having that plug in install at my blog.

Source - Jaydip Parikh


  1. nice post.
    really healthy information for all bloggers.
    keep updating with such an informative postings.

  2. Anonymous Says:
  3. What i discover troublesome is to find a weblog that can seize me for a minute however your blog is different. Bravo.

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. thanks amigo! great post!


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