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Posted by Ranjitsinh Chauhan Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Change your Blogger Title

blogger title
After a long time i visited Blogger.com, I have optimized my company’s blogs, one of the challenges when choosing a ‘free Blog’ is the SEO implications based on your decision. There is a bunch of choices out there – WordPress, Blogger, Blogfreehere. Personally, I chose Blogger as my ‘free Blog’ of choice without a lot of research.

By default Blogger templates come with a “smart” tag inserted that automatically places the Blog Title before every post title in the title tags on the actual post pages. This “smart” tag also displays only the Blogger Title for the main page of the blog – meaning your blog title is shown on every page.

Title tag mean to me is a one line summary of what the page is about. The common understanding of the tag is to wrap the title of the site. Unfortunately for many people, the title of the site is completely un-descriptive of the content of the blog. For example, my blog is called “Internet Marketing Blog Online”. If I put this in the title tag, search engines really have no clue as to the content of each post on my site. It would be much better for SEO to place a keyword-rich description (e.g. “Optimizing Title Tags for Blogger”) in the title tag. The content of your title tag is what will be displayed in search engine results.

In Blogger, By default the title is “Blog Name: Blog Post Title”. As per search engine optimization, the “Blog Post Title” should come first and then the “Blog Name”.

For Title tag optimization you just need following process.
Go to Layout >> Edit HTML > > Click on “Expand HTML Widget” Then search for the following line of code:

Replace the above line of code with the following line of code:

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>

Click on “Save Template” and you are done. but let me know after few week you got more visits or not, i am sure you will get higher search results.

Best of Luck & Thanks,
Ranjitsinh Chauhan.

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